Welcome to Rob and Fi's website

New Website Layout

Welcome to our new look and style website layout
It's still being home hosted, but now by a HP Proliant cube, which has been working flawlessly and proving to be stable and fast enough for our needs

Still fiddling with CSS and a very tangled filesystem so bear with me :)
... not everything works yet

Some of the menu links are still quite broken - I am untangling and reformatting them as fast as I can!

Domain Names

Finally caved in and bought a couple of domain names
Please update your bookmarks as the robocog.dyndns.org account will expire in just a few weeks now and then cease to work

Email has also changed so please use the new robocog.co.uk for that

New Blog

We hope to make use of our new Blog

It's up and running so please feel free to have a nosey and give feedback....mainly with nonsense pages at the moment whilst I tinker with the layout and settings